About me

Hello, my friend, I hope that you're in search for a fine designer. I'll try to tell you a bit about myself. Hopefully, you won't get bored. Let us get started by making acquaintance. My name's Andrew, and I'm a god damn freelancer in full-stack design.

Web design is what I specialize in. However, on the cusp of professions I double-job it with front-end website development, visual identity and branding upon the whole. The main thing is to think rationally in regard to every project, focus on creating a DNA of a brand, structure of a brand, metaphor of a brand. It doesn't matter whether it's a huge web-shop or logo.

Design, web design

Design thinking, that made a noise in the world as early as in the 1950s, has finally topped all processes of any project's development. And neglecting it means wasting your own time and your client's money. Too tough competition in almost every market sector has resulted in the fact that it's not enough to simply research your competitors and the market, choose still unexplored 'positioning' and create a design decision on its ground.

UX Design and User Experience

To-date development and branding of any project turns into a huge system with several stages of analytics, creating positioning hypotheses and their confirmation or disproof, interviewing clients, product niche search, creating and cascading conceptions and visual environment, devising design, project testing and documentation. And many other unique stages of development, be it SaaS applications or an E-commerce platform, logo or corporate identity.

Unfortunately, not all clients understand the importance of these stages and are ready to pay money for that. This customers' lack of expertise kills overall design and their particular project.

That's why, my friend, by using an up-to-date approach to website or corporate identity building, we can arrive at a unified correct solution, give up the well-liked 'three options' thing and satisfy the needs of the project's clients. And what's more sacred than that?

Visual Component, or UI Design

Trends are what drives the visual part of every website, logo, corporate identity. There are tons of them so it's hard to keep up. But their main feature is recursion. Human eye gets tired of monotonous pictures. Therefore, old flows in design take over new ones. It's essential to understand and follow trends. But, of course, there are some ironclad rules in typography, composition, usability, and the like.

I have studied many of them, gotten myself some favourite font designers such as Radomir Tinkov, H&FJ, Linotype, and many more. I have worked in various stylistics ranging from minimalism to retro futurism. Also I've got an insight into popular guidelines s.a. Material Design by Google, iOS by Apple, Fluent Design System by Microsoft. And, above all, I keep seeking for new prolific, one-off solutions, have an eye on top-notch designers world-wide and constantly add to my reading list.

Web development

Software engineering is one of the most appealing professions of the 21st century, though I personally do not identify myself with real developers. I do project front-end development, namely dynamic website layout.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

I have a good command of HTML and its semantics. CSS coupled with SASS preprocessor does miracles. Unfortunately, I'm still captured by Jquery and its plugins. I haven't just yet studied any JS framework like ReactJS or AngularJS but it'll happen before long.

Currently I possess a toolset including Foundation, Bootstrap for large projects' layout. I have excellent Flexbox Grid skills. TweenMax and Velocityjs for website animation. Ajax for asynchronous content upload. Gulp for assembling.

For small-scale commercial projects and e-shops I work wih Wordpress together with Woocommerce.


Below are my standard prices. They may vary depending on a project and its complexity.

Scope of Works
Identify the stages of project development, create a plan of all works and deadline of of each stage.File in DOC format.
3 days
UX Research
Research of potential client audiences. Identification of the main clients needs. Creating a hypothesis, concept.File in DOC format.
8 days
wireframes of the pages of the whole website or applications. Pages and elements, and interactions between them.File in PDF format.
from $400
5+ days
Web design
Landing page
Development design of landing page. File in PSD/SKETCH format.
7 days
Develop design of e-commerce website.File in PSD/SKETCH format.
10 - 15 days
Corporate website
Development design of official websites companies. Branded commercial websitesFile in PSD/SKETCH format.
10 - 15 days
Personal site
Development design of sites such as portfolio, personal blog, thematic sites. File in PSD/SKETCH format.
10 days
Media портал
Development design of media portal site, forum, web magazine. File in PSD/SKETCH format.
from $5000
30+ days
Web Responsive Adoptation
Development of adaptive design of the project. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop. File in PSD/SKETCH format.
30% of web design per resolution
5 - 10 days
Application Design
Mobiel app
Development design of mobiel app. IOS/Android/Windows phone. File in PSD/SKETCH format.
10 - 15 days
Saas application
Development design of Saas application.File in PSD/SKETCH format.
15 - 25 days
Branding & Identity
Creation of a brand’s logo.File in PSD/AI format.
7 days
Сorporate identity
A visual image of a company, corporation or business.File in PSD/AI format.
from $1500
15 - 25 days
Branding Rules & Guidelines
The rules for building up the identity. Geometry, size, scaling, colour schemes, font pair, key corporate block, modular grid, graphics, sign construction, pattern. Social account typography, examples of printed material and business documents.File in PDF, DOC format.
$1000 - 3000
10 - 15 days
Front-end development
Frontend Simple Project
Frontend development of the simple project (1—5 pages), including adaptive/responsive layouts.
10 days
Frontend Mid-level Project
Frontend development of the mid-level project (1—5 pages), including adaptive/responsive layouts.
15 - 20 days
Full-stack development
Landing page
Landing page full-stack development, idea, design, frontend, CMS(Wordpress)
from $1000
21+ days
E-commerce website full-stack development, idea, design, frontend, CMS. Wordpress & woocommerce.
from $2000
31+ days
Personal, Corporate website
Website full-stack development, idea, design, frontend, CMS(Wordpress).
from $1500
31+ days